DIVERSYS SPECTRUM Product Inc.'s commitment to providing quality value extends past our powder & liquid coating products by offering affordable in-house and on-site testing services.

Our laboratories have the state-of-the-art equipment to administer product quality assessments such as Salt Spray Tests (SST), and QUV Accelerated Weathering Tests, while our trained technical sales staff conduct assessments like Oven Profiling Tests on-site at our customers' own locations.


The salt spray test (SST) is an accelerated corrosion test used to measure the comparative corrosion resistance of materials when exposed to a salt spray of a salt fog at high temperatures. This test is intended to provide corrosion resistance information on metals and the performance of their protective paint coatings. Following a set number of hours of exposure, a visual inspection is conducted to determine the viability and predicted performance under certain harsh real-world conditions. Common test duration ranges from 24 hours up to 1,000 hours of exposure.

The SST is also known as fog testing or "Standard Practice for Operating Salt Spray (Fog) Testing Apparatus," or ASTM B117 under the American Society for Testing and Materials.


The QUV-A accelerated weathering test simulates the effects of real sunlight with fluorescent ultraviolet (UVA-340) lamps. Within a matter of days or weeks, depending on customer requirements, the QUV-A tester can accurately reproduce the damaging effects that occur over months and years, through constant exposure to the sun. This gives our customers a glimpse of how well their painted products will fare under real-world outdoor conditions. Common test duration ranges from 24 hours up to 1,000 hours of exposure.

The QUV-A accelerated weathering test is also known as "Standard Practice for Operating Fluorescent Ultraviolet (UV) Lamp Apparatus for Exposure of Materials," or ASTM G154 under the American Society for Testing and Materials.


The oven temperature profiling test is used to measure the temperature profile of an oven, to accurately determine if certain areas inside are under or over the set temperature. This is done by placing 6 probes into the oven in various areas, and measuring the temperature trend over a specified period of time. It is especially useful for paint and powder coaters to determine if undercuring or overcuring occurs in their production line oven.

The oven temperature profiling test ensures that the curing specifications are properly met, and eliminates the guesswork of determining root causes of product defects. It is a quick and easy way to avoid the possible headache of an otherwise straightforward curing process.

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