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Paint Pro Protect & Peel
What is protect & peel

PROTECT & PEEL Temporary Peelable Coating

The PAINT PRO Protect & Peel series is a special line of peelable coatings developed for surfaces in need of temporary protection during installation, transportation, storage, or even in use.

Often used in construction & manufacturing environments, these eco-friendly, water-based coatings are specifically designed to protect non-porous product surfaces from scratches, abrasion, dirt, paint overspray, mortar and other unwanted damage.

Why use protect & peel

Save your time & money avoiding costly rework

  • Reduce replacements and repairs
  • No more masking, cutting to size, or off-cuts
  • Easy application, easy removal
  • Residue-free coating
  • Semi-opaque film lets in light
Application Details
How do you use Protect & Peel coatings?
  • Use on non-porous surfaces only
  • Applied via airless spray or roller
  • Minimum of 2 coats recommended
  • Can be left on for a maximum of 12 months after drying
Use Cases
Typical uses of Protect & Peel peelable coatings include:
  • Construction projects
  • Glass & glazing industries
  • Metal works & fabrication
  • Paint spray booths
  • Aluminum profile storage & installation

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