Cross-hatch Adhesion Test


In order for corrosion-resistant coatings to perform properly, they must first properly adhere to the substrate they are applied onto. The cross hatch adhesion test is a standardized test conducted to ensure that the paint coating applied on its substrate adheres properly. A cutting guide and blade or a special crosshatch cutter are used to cut the surface coating, and to ensure that the cuts are parallel to each other with the proper spacing. Afterwards, a piece of tape is applied over the cross-hatch markings, and then quickly peeled off to examine if the coating remains on the substrate.

A standardized testing method measuring coating adhesion

ASTM Specifications

ASTM Title
Standard Test Methods for Rating Adhesion by Tape Test
These test methods cover procedures for assessing the adhesion of relatively ductile coating films to metallic substrates by applying and removing pressure-sensitive tape over cuts made in the film.

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