Erichsen Cupping Test


While the Erichsen cupping test was originally developed to measure the stretch-form capability of metal sheets, any coating applied onto the sheet's surface experiences the same strains as its substrate. With that, the Erichsen cupping test has now also become a standard method used to assess the formability, ductility and adhesion of coatings. The coated test sheet is clamped between a sheet holder and a die, and then formed with a hardened ball punch. The ball punch continues its trajectory through the coated sheet at a specified speed until a fine, continuous crack appears in the sheet. Both the coating and the sheet are then examined for behavior and degree of defect.

Standardized test for coating formability, ductility and adhesion

ASTM Specifications

ASTM Title
Standard Test Method for Ball Punch Deformation of Metallic Sheet Material
This test method covers the procedure for conducting the ball punch deformation test for metallic sheet materials intended for forming applications. The test applies to specimens with thicknesses between 0.008 and 0.080 in. (0.2 and 2.0 mm).

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