Acrylic Lacquers


PAINT PRO Automotive Acrylic Lacquer is a solvent-based, single-component thermoplastic acrylic paint that provides excellent exterior durability, color weathering, and chemical & water resistance. It's quick drying time, great adhesion on bare metal, and excellent aesthetic qualities make it a popular choice for automotive refinish applications and automotive accessories. In addition, its coating flexibility also make it ideal for baseboards and cornices to hide any future joint cracking imperfections.

Flexible thermoplastic acrylic-based paint


  • Great balance of aesthetics and protection
  • Fast drying time
  • Excellent adhesion on bare metal


  • OEM touch-up paint
  • Automotive refinish
  • Automotive accessories
  • Wooden base boards, cornices & wall skirts


application methods
Spray, Roller, Brush
finish options

Available in a full range of color options in a matte, semi-gloss, or gloss finish.

Custom colors available on request with applicable minimum order quantity.

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