Powder coatings are solvent-less protective & decorative paint finishes, which are applied as a free-flowing, dry powder. They are known for their superior durability, chemical and abrasion resistance, protection against UV, and are environmentally friendly, especially when compared to liquid paints. They are traditionally applied to metal surfaces, but improving modern technologies now allow them to be applied to wood and other substrates as well.

Powder coatings are typically applied electrostatically, and are then cured, forming a protective skin over a surface. They can be further classified as either oven-cured or thermoplastic powders, with each having benefits for different applications.

We are the Philippine's exclusive Oxyplast-Protech powder coating manufacturer, while our ThermPlus thermoplastic powder series completes our powder coating paint offerings.

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Philippines powder coating paint outdoor architectural
Philippines PE thermoplastic powder


From manufacturing paints to construction trade paints, the PAINT PRO liquid paint line offers high quality products together with industry expertise to get the job done right. While our liquid paint products are formulated to bring consistent quality and reliability at reasonable prices, PAINT PRO liquid paints can also be customized to fit whatever requirements our customers might have.

The PAINT PRO liquid paint line currently comprises of, but is not limited to: 

  • Polyester coil coatings

  • Epoxy primers & enamels

  • Quick dry enamels

  • Wrinkle finish paints

  • Baking enamels

  • Thermosetting acrylics

  • Touch-ups & other paint products


In addition, we also offer their corresponding supplementary products such as thinners, reducers, catalysts, and other auxiliary paint items.


The PAINT PRO Protect & Peel series is a special line of liquid coating products developed for surfaces in need of temporary protection. These ECO-friendly, water-based coatings are specifically designed to protect product surfaces from scratches, abrasion, dirt, paint overspray, mortar and other unwanted damage that may occur during installation, transportation, storage, or use.

Protect and Peel products can be easily applied by spray gun or by roller brush, and then peeled off by hand or removed by pressure washer, leaving no residue on a clean surface. The protective liquid coating can be applied to a variety of non-porous surfaces such as powder coated finishes, glass, metals, and porcelains. Common uses of Protect & Peel products include on-site aluminum and glass installations, paint spray booths, and transport of finished goods.


DIVERSYS SPECTRUM Product Inc.'s commitment to providing quality value extends past our powder & liquid coating products by offering affordable in-house and on-site testing services.

Our laboratories have the state-of-the-art equipment to administer product quality assessments such as Salt Spray Tests (SST) and QUV Accelerated Weathering Tests, while our trained technical sales staff conduct assessments like Oven Profiling Tests on-site at our customers' own locations.